Shree Bhadra Kumari Basic School, Gulabbag, Bharatpur, Nepal.

More than 97% Kids Comes from Extreme Poverty.

Due to the lack of support from the Nepal government on financial & educational awareness programs. Star Nepal has stepped up to help the schools in Nepal. The schools are lacking food, clean drinking water, transportation, and proper sanitation facilities.  The schools do not have sufficient school supplies, school uniforms, and health care. Our Team is building a healthy educational environment for kids facing extreme poverty. Star Nepal has partnered with Star Nepal believes that every child has a right to an education and the ability to reach their dreams. Most of the populations lives under the poverty level. Due to the financial difficulties of the population, many children choose to work over education to help their families.

Star Nepal’s number one goal is to make $3500/month available to the school till December 2020 until all the major changes been done. Afterward, that goes down from $2000-$2500/month to maintain the school’s overall quality.

Here are the goals of Star Nepal for School and Community:

  • Sanitation supplies & Awareness.
  • Healthy meals at school.
  • Enough resources for teachers to teach
  • Transportation
  • Clean drinking water.
  • Clean school environment.
  • Technology & school supplies.
  • Clean attire & awareness.
  • School infrastructure improvement.
  • Medical support for students. (Health Care)
  • Community engagement

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